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any tips to get out of the worst mental running block of all fucking time ???????? ??? ???? ???

watch inspirational videos. talk to everyone. find out why you run. go on runs and leave the watch at home. find nature. enjoy the run.

most importantly, i have found that time heals all blocks.

In addition, let me take you on a date

"Workout", 4/16/14

This was somewhat of a workout, our second hard effort of the week has been cut back a bit lately. Gearing up for championship season.

3 miles at a “solid pace” followed by 8x200 at 800 pace

Did 3 miles in 17:55. Faster pace than my tempo on Friday and I felt significantly better today. It was smooth. Taking yesterday off probably benefitted me a lot.

Then 8x200: 33, 32, 32, 32, 32, 32, 31, 31

Those are fast 200s for me. I’ve never felt this fast in college.

Just watched a documentary called Food Matters and it fucked me up. I recommend it.

Of course it’s only one perspective, but I think we’re all kind of left in the dark/ignorant to a lot of things.

90% of college students don’t think they need to bring an umbrella to school and on days like today I laugh at them

210 miles in 3 weeks.. I think I deserved today off.

I biked for 10 minutes just to do something and I actually feel really good right now. This is nice.

My favorite time of the year is when it gets warm out and they haven’t turned the air conditoning on in the dorms yet

But if you look at the people who are consistently achieving their goals, you start to realize that it’s not the events or the results that make them different. It’s their commitment to the process. They fall in love with the daily practice, not the individual event. What’s funny, of course, is that this focus on the process is what will allow you to enjoy the results anyway.
Workout, 4/14/14

Hey, wanna hear about my workout today? Okay, I’ll tell you.

2 sets of 8x400 @ 5k pace. Jog across the turf between reps (~40 seconds), 400 jog between sets. Goal of 78-79. I hit:

78, 77, 79, 78, 79, 77, 78, 79

78, 77, 78, 79, 77, 77, 77, 76

Ooooohhhh baby. Did it with ease. VERY excited for this 5k on Saturday. And she told me to start dropping my mileage which should make me feel a bit more fresh.

You can’t match like this and NOT have a good workout

You can’t match like this and NOT have a good workout